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Recap: Fitbit Miami Marathon and Half Marathon

What was supposed to be a weekend with a long run of 12.5 miles turned in to my first half marathon.

How crazy is that???

When I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, the training schedule called for a 12.5 mile run and it just landed so perfectly with the Miami Marathon weekend.

It was meant to be.

Before I registered, I asked if it was a good idea to do not one but two half marathons a month apart. As supportive and nuts as the running community is, I was told to go for it… I went for it, obviously.

Remember that the day before I had run the Fitbit Tropical 5K. Which was another last minute addition… why not? I’m planning on running 2 back to back races in February, why not give it a trial run? No pun intended…

The day of, was pretty tame. I had set an alarm for 3 AM… I ended up waking up at 3:30 AM, when I checked why my alarm hadn’t gone off, it was because I had put an alarm for 3 PM. Yep. I’m a dumbass. Thank the lord that I don’t sleep very well and woke up on time.

Getting to Downtown Miami is always a hassle. I tried to get us down there with time to spare. My husband ended up dropping me off like 6 blocks away from the start because every road was blocked off.

It was utter chaos trying to walk around downtown with 20,000 other runners. Complete madness. There was a 2 sided screen that said where the corrals were… I was in “I”. However, one side was pointing to the left, the other side was also pointing to the left… uhhhhhh, I kept thinking, “where is it, my guy?” Seeing as one side looked empty, I decided to go with the crowded side. I eventually found my corral. I was in the last corral. So we went last. After getting in, everything went pretty quick although we could barely hear the announcer.

I took my pre-workout and waited for our turn. No nerves. Just ready to get moving.

It took a while to get to the start but eventually we did and we were off.

Going up the highway sucks. The pain went right to my calves, but I powered through. I set out to have fun so that’s what I tried to do. I stopped to take pictures, I danced, I ran in to an ex co-worker’s daughter… all good times.

Everything was going fine. I had energy, I was having a good time… Then somewhere after mile 6… my pre-workout took a turn. I started having major cramping and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. It. Was. BAD.

I could have stopped and used one of the many port-a-potties that were available on the course, but…

1. Ew.
2. Gross
3. I had to go number 2 and there was no toilet paper
4. I was wearing a compression body suit and there was not way I’d be able to pull it back on afterwards.

So I kept going and focused all my energy in not shitting my pants.

Focusing all my energy on not crapping my pants was a mission. I ended up slowing down a lot and walking more towards the end. I was in so much pain.

My sister called me around mile 9 and I started crying. Telling her I think I wasn’t going to be able to finish. Letting her know that my stomach and booty were on fire. She just told me to keep going and that I’d be done before I know.

My best friend, told me to focus on what I was going to eat afterwards… however, that thought just made my stomach hurt even more.

My husband texted me encouraging words as well and I kept going.

Power through and not remembering much after mile 9. I saw the mile marker for mile 12. I. Was. Shook. I only had 1.1 miles left!

Before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line.

I finally was able to cry freely… out of sheer happiness. I texted my sister and she called me and I cried some more. It was an amazing experience.

Even though the finish line was completely blocked off to non-runners, I eventually found my family and just got all the hugs and kisses.

We went straight home after this where I finally was able to use the bathroom and spent the majority of the day in there. Lesson learned. Never take pre-workout… like ever again. Especially when it’s going to be a while before I eat something.

I’m still learning and hopefully, I’ll be better prepared for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. T-minus 3 weeks!

I’m almost done with my race season!


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