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The Balancing Act

When you are the type of person who wants it all, you have to figure out how to have it all.

It’s not easy. It’s definitely not pretty. It’s exhausting and some days you want to give up.

On those days you push harder.

Although, I only added one extra hat to my growing collection of hats, this hat came with so many sub hats.

Going to school not only meant I have to make time to study, but I also had to make time for school related matters. Such as getting fingerprinted in Downtown Miami, Going to SW Miami-Dade to pick up my clearance card, contact schools to do 30 Service Learning Hours, complete assignments, complete quizzes, complete service learning hours, workout, eat well, get enough sleep, keep up with your baby of a blog…

They were the most overwhelming days to start the new year. On top of everything else, my leg was bothering me. I thought it was my hip, or my lower back, so I would try to stretch, but the pain was annoying and I just ignored it by taking a break from running… in the middle of training.

I asked one of my besties and sisters for advice on what to do since I felt so scattered. She told me to look at the calendars for the courses I was taking, put everything on a spreadsheet and organize it by date. Sounded simple enough, I don’t know how or why I didn’t think of it. So I did.

Once I was able to see everything in one place, I felt a little calmer and got to work and have been able to keep up.

I still needed to find a balance for the rest of my life and I took this method to do the same for everything else. I remember the first few weeks of trying to stay active. You know, those days where you don’t want to move but you know once you make a habit out of it, it comes as second nature? I needed to do that to balance the rest of my life out. So I set alarms on my phone on when I needed to eat breakfast, when I should start my first class, when I should move on to the next one and so on. I put myself on a schedule to “be in school” 3 to 4 days a week in the mornings while the kids are in school.

I love waking up to the smell of fresh excel spreadsheets!

This is the schedule I gave myself which I then incorporated in my phone and watch for alarms and such. I haven’t followed it to a tee but, you get the idea.

Organizing myself in a way I can see it was exactly what I needed to combat that anxious, scattered feeling.

Such is life that I am a crazy organizing freak.

However, all the organizing in the world can’t help you when you get hurt, or get sick or have to change your schedule because other things take priority.

I’ve had to take time off from running to heal a hamstring injury. I’ve had to do some late night school sessions because I was in a classroom for 30 hours in the course of 2 weeks. I caught the flu from a Kindergartener that knocked me out for a few days. So that schedule, the alarms all went to crap.

Now that I am finally starting to feel better, the schedule seems to be going back to normal. I am a creature of routine so the anxiety of not sticking to a schedule messed more with my brain than the flu. Go figure.

However, I always have to stay on the lookout for those sudden changes that come out of nowhere like a slap in the face.

That’s about it, life is crazy and I am winging through it. So much for balancing it all! LOL…


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