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Recap: Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend – Part 2

Ursula and I are one.

Saturday… 10K race day. I woke up at 3 AM… 3 AM! I am so glad to have knocked out early. I watched my family sleep while I got ready.

By 4 AM I was ready and looked for an Uber. I was picked up around 4:15 and we headed to Epcot. Everything up to this point is smooth sailing. I stand in line at the Joffrey’s truck to get some espresso pumping through my veins. I look around at all the people who will be racing shortly. I soak it all in as if this is the race. It wasn’t. We were all standing around a parking lot waiting for the corrals to open up. Still. It’s part of the experience.

the hashtag…

I am sitting down with my quadruple shot of espresso (yes… 4 shots) and I notice this group of women. I mean there were a lot of women, but this group of women stood out because of their amazing skirts. At first I was like, “How cute!” Then, I take more notice when I realize they have made their old race shirts in to skirts… race. shirts. in. to. SKIRTS! What?! It was absolutely brilliant! I stop them and ask about their skirts and the lady I spoke to said she makes them herself. I think they were thrown off by my approach because I asked for a picture and after they allowed me to take a picture of their magnificent work, they quickly scurried away.

I’m awkward… so I probably came off that way. Either way, I tried looking for her shop on Etsy but no luck! 🙁 If anyone knows these ladies, please tag them!

The corrals finally opened up around 5 AM (roughly… I really wasn’t paying attention.) I made my way around 5:15 AM. This is my first Disney race so I don’t know what to expect. I was in the last corral. All things considered, it was pretty well organized. There were 6 main corrals. each corral had 3 or 4 waves in them that were released in intervals… maybe 2 minutes… I don’t know.

Corral A wave one started promptly at 5:30 AM. I think my wave started around 6 AM. It was well handled and organized. The entire course had entertainment and cheering stations, the volunteers were amazing. To me, they are the real MVPs and I make sure to let them know!

So, what I didn’t expect was to be running on a main road with so many ups and downs. I didn’t expect for people to block entire paths and me having to zig zag through the course. I think training plans need an etiquette portion, because not a lot of people know how to be mindful of the other runners around them. Maybe it’s just a societal issue as well. However, none of this took away the glory that it was to run a Disney race. When I made it inside the park and arrived to the countries, my play list started hitting all those disney songs! I started singing “Let It Go” really loud and people were just laughing around me. I stopped to take pictures but I did not stop to take character pictures. The lines were crazy long. I told myself, I was going to the park later anyway so I would take character pictures at the park with my medal. I ran and enjoyed the views.

The sun stayed asleep for most of the race. It was pretty overcast throughout. I prayed the conditions would be the same the following day.

An hour and 25 minutes later, I crossed the finish line. Such a great race. I never stick around after races because I always have to go to the bathroom and I also knew my family was waiting for me, so I turn off my “runner” mode and switch back to “mom/wife” mode. Grab an uber, head back to the hotel, shower, get ready and go grab some continental breakfast before heading back to the Sports Complex and Epcot.

It was just another perfectly fantastic day.

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