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Recap: Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend – Part 3

I relate more to the villains… what can I say?

I. COULD. NOT. SLEEP. (insert crying emoji here). I was tired but went to bed late and tossed and turned all night. I would wake up every hour on the hour.

3 AM hit and I started getting ready. I. WAS. NERVOUS. Finished getting ready around 4 AM and started looking for an uber again. No cars available. It kept searching and searching. The app finally picked someone up and it said 20 minutes away. I waited like 15 minutes before heading down stairs to the hotel lobby.

Checked again after 20 minutes… 20 minutes away… what?! The car wasn’t moving on the GPS. I waited another 20 minutes. Checked again… 20 minutes away. Nope! By this time it was 5 AM. I cancelled the uber and woke up my husband and kids to take me. We got in the car and headed to Epcot… traffic. It wasn’t moving. I start panicking internally. My husband spots people who are getting out of their ride shares and start walking. At first I hesitate, but when I see more people doing it, I said to myself, “I guess this is what I’m doing too.” (Big mistake. Huge!)

I say bye to my family and they wish me luck. I start following the crowd. It was dark. I was scared. Eventually, I lost the crowd. This was it, this is how my life would end. I keep walking and see cars turning in to a check point. I see a Disney Security and let them know I am lost and alone. The first security basically tells me I am shit out of luck and that I was in the cast parking lot. There was no way to the race from there and my best bet was to keep walking. Told me to find a hotel and hitch a ride there and he walked away before I could get another word in… My go to routine in a high stress, high anxiety situation is to first, cry. So, I start crying and walking back on the sidewalk-less road. Before I get to the end of the street, another security stops me and tells me that he will find me a ride. He starts calling people on the walkie-talkie and I start crying even more. Mind you, this entire time, runners are mistakenly going in to this parking lot in cars and told to go back out to the main road. I’m crying, the security is calling people and then… this group of amazing ladies in a ride share ask if I need a ride. They were extremely nice to pick up a weirdo on the side of the road crying. I cried some more and thanked them the entire way. I tried to pay for a portion of the ride but they wouldn’t allow it. Thank you, whoever you were for rescuing the Queen of Hearts. I so wish we could have gotten a picture.

We finally make it to the parking lot and we see the heard of zombies… I mean runners heading to the waiting area. I kept saying to myself, “Coffee will solve all my problems now.” No Joffrey’s… All that was left was some nasty american brewed crap. I bought it and thought that it was better than nothing. I tried to get a bagel but they ran out. I got a banana muffin instead. I see the fireworks go off for the first corral. I thought I had time, since it took a while the day before. From one minute to the next I hear “Let’s get corral C going…” I was like “WHAT?!?!?! It’s going faster than yesterday?!” More tears. I throw away my coffee and head to the corrals…

I went the wrong way. A cast member points me at the right direction, while other cast members are not making me feel any better by saying “hurry up or you’ll miss it!” More panic, less tears, more running and fast walking.

I finally make it to corral I and I must have misheard because when I got there, they were just starting corral B… Each corral had anywhere from 4 to 7 waves. I grabbed my damn muffin and tried to calm down. Kept saying, “at least you are in the corral and now all you have to do is wait and run 13.1 miles… easy peasy…”

I was in the last corral in the last wave. On the bright side, I got to hold the RunDisney Banner and was at the front of the wave. By the time we started, (an hour and 15 minutes later) the elites were finishing! LOL! I got a kick out of that.

My worries went away after that I my motto for the run was to have fun. Which I did. This race was even more packed than the 10K. This one had 20,000 people. 17,000 of which were females. It was amazing. Crowded but amazing. This race had so many hills and slanted streets. My hips were not liking them one bit.

At mile 6, we are reaching Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom. So I get teary eyed and start live streaming. When we go around and go through the castle, I scream out, “WE’RE HOME!’ It was truly a magical moment.

At mile 10, the sun start beaming. It had rained so now it’s just a humid, uncomfortable mess! Around mile 11, my hips give in. I walk for a mile. When I get to mile 12, there’s some dude on the side pointing at the people in front of me who are walking and saying, pass them… at that point, I’m delirious and listen to him and start running and eventually pass the group. LOL! I hear him in the distance, “You’re welcome! Don’t stop until you finish!” Again, I listen. I didn’t stop until I crossed the finish line at 3 hours 18 minutes, which was almost a 2 minute PR from Miami which I finished at 3:20:40!




After that I pretty much crawled to the pick up location for runners and waited for my husband and kids. I got back to the hotel, ate my breakfast, showered, checked out and headed to the park for a few pictures. I couldn’t do much of anything else, but I wanted my picture with Mickey and Minnie.

I’m definitely going to do more Disney Races for sure!

The End.

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