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Recap: The Color Run 5K

Part of our group

Not everyone in my family is in to running like I am. However, running can sometimes get lonely. I do almost every race alone. Every once in a while I find a “fun run” that we can all participate in. The Color Run is one of those races. Any event that promotes wearing tutu is guaranteed to get my kids excited. Any event that promotes wearing a tutu get ME excited! We need to incorporate more tutus in life. Tutus make anything better.

Anyway… this year’s Color Run was a little special since I asked my kids’ Karate instructor if they would like to do this event as a team for the school. Sensei Henry and Sensei Carmen were excited to get the kids out there and we promoted this for months! We didn’t get as many people to join as we like, but for myself, going from a team of 4 to a team of 10 was a win and the people that were there had a blast. As an added bonus, my brother-in-law and my teenaged, “I sleep til 3 PM on weekends” niece joined us as well. My heart felt full. I’ve already told the rest of my family that next year, no excuses, I’m taking all the kids on this one. BY FORCE IF NECESSARY! They will have fun, they just hate the idea of waking up early on a weekend. That’s a post for another day.

Back to the race.

The Color Run was held at Huizenga Plaza in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The course went through the downtown area. There’s a lot of construction in some parts but it wasn’t necessarily bothersome. The race started at 7:30 and we arrived around 6:45. An early morning festival was already in full swing with vendors all around, music, photo props, food trucks and merchandise. The theme this year was love and peace. I was all about it. Love is love after all.

The day of, people were still registering for the race. The line was long but seemed to move pretty quickly. We pre-registered months ago and picked up our race stuff the day before. My advice to anyone who wants to do any race, register early! You’ll save a lot of money. Had we waited any longer, our race fees would have been double. We also did the least expensive package which was just the medal and bib.

My only rule for this race is to wear white; the more white, the better. The colors that are thrown at you will pop even more. I think that’s their rule as well, but I take that ish seriously. White baseball cap, white long sleeve, white tutu, white socks… It’s fun to participate.

The second half of our group showed up around 8AM. We all met up at the start line and waited around. The race is let out in small waves and it took a bit to get to the front. Once we made it past the start, we were off.

NWA Martial Arts

Running with children… scratch that. Running with MY children, is not easy. My youngest hates running. She’s 9. She has very strong opinions on everything. Once she’s tired, she’s irrational. I’m trying to get them to love working out but it’s been challenging. So the running was less run more walk. I embrace it because walking is better than nothing. My oldest wants to get more in to running and we will be working on that this summer. Our group of 10 was scattered all over the place. I would run and walk but would freak out if I didn’t see my kids right behind me, so I ended up just walking.

After the second color station, my husband had to go to the car. His shoe fell apart and he couldn’t keep going. How convenient that his shoe broke a block from where we parked. Almost like it was planned.

We continued on, having fun hitting the color stations. At one point, we are on a bridge and the entire race stopped. A couple hundred people had to wait because the bridge was up to let a boat pass by below in the water. That was a 10 minute wait and I think everyone was glad to stop for a break!

The bridge was up and everyone got a chance to sit for a bit

The bridge went down and people started walking again…. aaaaand then the bridge started going up again. Another 10 minute wait. What are the odds?! It is what it is. No one was complaining. Once the bridge went down (again) we continued towards the finish.

At the finish line, we are given our medals and it opens up to a giant stage with live music and people dancing. The grown ups had fun. The kids had fun.After hanging out a bit, the kids were done and starving and we headed out.

It’s a messy good time that my family will continue to do as long as it keeps coming back to South Florida.

Messy Fun

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