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School’s Out For Summer

And just like that another school year in the books! Done! Dunzo! Finito! As excited as I am to have a break from being a school bus driver to my wonderful children, it also means they are home for 10 weeks… Crap!

Thank you teachers for putting up with our little “angels” for 9 months out of the year. I know it is not easy. How exhausting is it to work with 20+ students all with different personalities?! Bless their hearts! Again, thank you for all you do. Teachers are the real MVPs.


When summer comes rolling around, I get that feeling that I might be able to be that Pinterest mom that has every aspect of the kids’ summer break planned out. In real life, they stay up late, wake up late, play on their iPads or computers for ungodly amounts of hours and sometimes we throw in a pool or beach day. Yea, I’m awful.

I’ve done the 10 weeks of summer camp and it was a disaster. I’ve done the staying at home and trying to plan activities, failure. This year, we are looking for a balance where my kids won’t be lazy punks all summer but also won’t be overstimulated by camp activities. So, what’s the plan? A little of this, a little of that.

My kids will be going to their Dojo’s summer camp every other week and will stay home in between. Win-win. They will get 4 weeks of activities that I don’t have to plan out and 4 weeks of sleeping in. I think it is a wonderful compromise. Still, I have HIGH hopes that I can get them to do some chores to earn their lazy days.

Presenting… my kids’ responsibility charts…. Thank you Grace By Faith on Etsy!

I’ve given each child their own set of daily and weekly goals that they must complete in order to earn time on their gadgets and gizmos. They gotta earn their keep! Wishful thinking? Probably, but we are having a good start and I will push for this as long as possible.

I also want us to work out together as a family, so I want to incorporate that during the summer. Also, building healthier habits. I have a very picky eater and vegetables are her enemy. We’ll keep working on it.

Also, there may or may not be a Disney Day somewhere in there. Maybe two! Who knows! It’s summer! So much can happen… or not!

I dream big. I am a dreamer. If anything, the main goal is to move in a positive direction where we are a little active while spending time as a family. Again, I am a dreamer…

Short but sweet post and hoping we can do it all and have it all.

Peace & Love,

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