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My Top 10 Running Songs

Music has always played a major role in my life. Believe it or not, I wanted to be a singer when I was a kid. I sang “Dreaming of You” by Selena Quintanilla in my 5th grade talent show. I learned to play the piano in middle school and I am an expert at singing in the shower. Off key, but nonetheless… EXPERT!

There’s always, ALWAYS a song that captures a mood, a feeling, a moment. It really doesn’t surprise me that music is involved in my running and workouts. When I started walking, I would pop in my ear buds, crank the tunes and tell myself, “I’ll walk for the next 5 songs.” When I started running and the intervals would get longer, I would see how long each interval of running was and decide how many songs fit in there and would count down the songs until I knew I was about to get a walking break. I go to the beat, I sing out loud… music makes those miles fly by!

So without further ado, I give you my top 10 list of running songs. It is an extremely random list, so be prepared to be even more confused or enlightened to the enigma that is Maria.

Here we go


I’m not usually in to house music but something about running to the tempo of this song makes every step just feel kickass. I can jam out to this song in my car while my kids stare at me in embarrassment. Just amazing! The version I have on my phone is about 3 minutes long, so on those days when I want to push a little longer, I’ll run this song from start to finish.


Now here me out! Out of all the BSB songs, this one is adventurous! LMAO! I put myself in the girl’s place and pretend I’m chasing down this good-for-nothing cheating butthole! Your battery is low?! That’s your excuse? I’m sorry… I’m getting heated just thinking about it. BSB has a lot of ballads and this one just gets me pumped… obviously!


Cardi was going to make an appearance on this list somewhere. Say what you will about her, but she worked her way up to the top. This song is so hype. This is one of those songs that encapsulates the saying “Dance like there’s nobody watching…” because I dance the sh*t out of this song any time, any where, around people or alone. I will break out my mom moves!


Daddy Yankee, baby! This song just has a great rhythm to it that you can’t help but get up, dance, move and twerk! I mean, I don’t twerk very well but this song doesn’t care who you are, you hear it and you want to twerk. That’s Daddy Yankee for you. Making people twerk since 1991.


I love Eminem. He has so many songs that depict his struggles and perseverance. The song pretty much says it all, the only thing that can stop me is collapsing. This was my mantra during those first few races. I don’t even think collapsing can stop me, because I will crawl across a finish line if I have to!


The American Idiot album is a rock opera and almost every song is really emo. The fact that this song is over 8 minutes long with an upbeat tempo makes this a “goal” song… you know, one of those “I’m going to run the length of this song.” It’s a good song to use when you want to push your limits.


I love Jennifer Lopez and almost all of her music was made for moving and shaking. Pitbull just adds that extra something to this song… it’s a perfect mix. This song, for me works well in any type of workout. Especially when Pitbull starts singing, talking, rapping… whatever it is that he does!


Linkin Park almost always pops up on my playlist when I’m doubting myself. It’s almost an out of body experience where the old me is telling me to quit because I will never be a runner. That b*tch is a b*tch! On those days when I don’t feel I belong anywhere, I listen to this song and remind myself of how far I’ve come in my journey and I tell myself, “I belong.”


Demi Lovato, despite all her struggles just wants everyone to love themselves. She is a thick, Latina woman that grew to accept her curves and just wants the same for all us curvy goddesses out there. Who wouldn’t want to rock out to a song that is all about feeling empowered, confident and unapologetic??? What’s wrong with being confident, bro?


Another song about being a boss b*tch! About being unapologetically a girl. You throw like a girl? Cry like a girl? Hell yea I do! I’m strong and female, what’s your super power? Lizzo’s music is all about loving every part of yourself that society has deemed ugly. Her music is teaching me to be confident. Her music says that my size doesn’t define me and I shouldn’t have to apologize for being me. I love Lizzo. You have no idea what your music is doing for my mental health.

It was so hard narrowing this to 10 songs because there are so many that I love and run to. I mean, I can have Lizzo on repeat. I love listening to Disney and Movie soundtracks. I may have to do another one of these lists later on and maybe do specific genres. That’s not a bad idea. Write that down.

Catch you on the flip side people. Stay tuned for my next post.


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