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Disney Virtual 5Ks

Disney did it again!

Is there anything they can’t do???? I say this with tears in my eyes… happy tears, because it’s Disney.

Disney Addict, thy name is Maria

Do I remember signing up for runDisney’s Virtual Summer Series? Not really. My head was spinning that day, but I heard “Disney”, “Marvel” & “Challenge” so I was in before registration even opened. How I entered my credit card information is beyond me. It happened though and I’m glad I did.

I am a huge supporter of virtual runs. It really provided a lot of support and motivation to an activity I felt I had no business being a part of. When I began my journey, I told myself so much I wasn’t good enough to participate in a traditional race. I wanted to run and I wanted to earn the bling, and after a quick google search, virtual runs was my gateway… I worked my way through 12 virtual runs in the last few months of 2017. Once I had built some confidence, I started entering live races. I will continue to do virtual races and will advocate for them for as long as I can.

I discovered that Disney had virtual races in mid 2018 after they had sold out of their 2018 Virtual Summer Series. I would have loved to do that event since it was an “The Incredibles” theme. I loved it and can’t believe I discovered it too late. It is what it is. I vowed to sign up for the 2019 series… which I did. The medals arrived beautifully packaged around mid July, which was surprising since I had received an email in June stating I wouldn’t receive my medals until the end of September. It made it that much more enticing to complete the runs. It also felt like a big Eff You to all those people who say virtual runs is worse than cheating. :::EYE ROLL:::

It’s cool though. I put all the medals away until they were all earned because that’s just how I roll.

June 5K

June was a tough month. After my last half marathon in March, I lost some motivation and didn’t run consistently. My body was just not having it. The heat and humidity were disgusting. I pushed through to get it done. I think I had tried earlier in the month and it just sucked. It is what it is and getting back in to a running routine had to start somewhere.

July 5K

July brought me back to a scheduled training cycle which was the high of the month. It also brought so many financial issues to our family that it was causing my so much anxiety and panic attacks. I was applying for jobs to help out my family. Going to terrible interviews that I just felt defeated almost the entire month. In one of those bouts of anxiety, I just ran not knowing I would count it as my July 5K but I did and wouldn’t you know it, I improved my time from my June 5K. It didn’t solve all my problems, but I did manage to forget about everything for 41 minutes.

August 5K

August was such a complete 180 from June and July. Although my anxiety hasn’t fully subsided (because it never will), my endurance has improved, my body feels stronger and I’m coping a little better with my daily life struggles. The weather is also not as offensive as earlier in the summer. Last one, best one! I shaved off 3+ minutes from my June 5K. I’m happy with my progression and can’t wait to see how my endurance gets better throughout the rest of my training. It really boosted my confidence to shave off some minutes. I can conquer the world!

I’m very happy how this series went. Submitting your time was simple and printing your certificates was a great touch. A runDisney virtual series is great for anyone who can’t get out to a live event or simply can’t afford Disney prices. It’s a way of getting a piece of Disney without spending Disney money. I will definitely do this series for as long as they make it available. It sold out, so I’m pretty sure they will keep it around for a while.

The medals are pretty sweet, right?!

Damn you Disney. Always doing it right.

Maria S.

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