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My Running Bucket List

Do you ever think about the all the things you would love to accomplish one day? Like Vacation in Europe, Do a Disney Cruise, Get matching tattoos with your best friend, earn that degree like you always wanted, Do a boudoir photoshoot. These are some of the goals I have for my life and hopefully, I’ll get to do them before I die.

This made me think of the running goals I have for the future. Some goals are performance related and some are about races I would love to participate in. Overall, they are hopes for the future. Something to look forward to even if I never achieve them, they are there to keep me motivated to continue on this journey. I’ll list a few that I have thought as the list is always changing and/or growing. Let’s get to it…

Run a sub 30 minute 5K

My fastest 5K to date was roughly 37 minutes. I know with hard work and the right training, I can get to that 30 minute mark. As long as I am focused and believe I can do it, it will happen eventually. It’s all about the right training.

Run in all 50 states

I’m not saying race in all 50 states, although that is somewhere on my list. This one is just to run for fun without a mileage goal. I’ve run in Florida (because this is where I live). I’ve also run in Washington State. 2 states down, 48 to go! Where to next? Only time will tell!

Do the Dopey Challenge at WDW Marathon weekend

I have done the Princess Half Marathon weekend. I am registered for Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend, I am registered for Star Wars Rival Run Weekend… Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is a major goal for me, but it’s the Dopey Challenge or nothing. Seeing as I have yet to do a Marathon, I want to go in to this challenge both physically and mentally prepared. Give me a few years, it will happen!

Participate in a race in my state of birth

I was born in New York and I have a dream of running there. Hopefully within the next few years I can plan it out right and make a vacation out of it since it’s been years since I’ve been to New York. I don’t have a race in mind, yet but hopefully a half marathon.

Become a race volunteer

Volunteering is just in my nature at one of these events is something I want to do but have yet to do. I always want to run the races. I would love to help out in the water and aid stations and cheer people on. Being a spectator and helping out the running community is something I need to do. This one I can see happening in the next few months or so for local races.

Attempt a triathlon

I love running, swimming and biking… this one just seems like a given. However, I haven’t jumped the gun because I don’t even know where to begin with a training guide. I have found free guides for running and have pretty much winged it for the last 2 years on my own. A triathlon is a different ballpark where from the looks of it, requires a coach and monthly payments. I would love to do this but I feel like I need to wait until I have my finances in order to really be serious about it and be able to pay a coach for a proper training guide. Soon. Real soon (If I find a paying job.)

Register for a Marathon and actually run it

This one just really hurts my heart. I registered for the 2020 Miami Marathon and recently decided to run the half and not the full. I just don’t see myself running a marathon yet. I don’t feel ready. My mind, heart & soul say I need more time to prepare. I listened to them all and I’m waiting for the right time for this one. Maybe when I turn 40….

Run a half marathon each month for a year.

This one requires planning as I would have to find the races for each month and see what the cost would be for race registration, hotel and cost of travel. Again, all of this will happen once I am a little more stable financially.

Finish a half marathon in under 3 hours.

I ran the Miami Half in 3:20:40. I finished the Princess Half in 3:18:49 and the 305 Half Marathon was completed in 3:10:51… I’m getting there! I can get there! Again, it is all a matter of training correctly and believing in my self and my abilities.

 Run the same race 5 years in a row

I’m getting close to achieving this one! My first timed race was the Miami Turkey Trot in 2017 and 2019 will be my third year participating in it. The first year I did the 5K but the second, third, fourth and fifth year will be the 10K.Hoping to keep the streak alive past 5 years. That would be great!

Organize a running meet up

I’m not gonna lie. There are probably dozens of runners that meet up on a weekly and/or monthly basis in my city. I don’t feel like I belong in most social settings most of the time. I also live in a very beautiful city with amazing athletes and just gorgeous people. I’m an awkward, chubby woman that runs extremely slow. I’ve done this running thing on my own for so long because I fear I would be left behind because I’m not fast. It got me to thinking about others who may feel like me and don’t thing they are good enough to join a bigger group because of their speed, lack of training, size, etc. I would love to organize a “You are good enough” running meet up for all of us who doubt ourselves. It’s in the works. I’m making plans.

Organize a running event for parents and kids

When my daughter decided she wanted to run her first kids race, I was so excited for her. We recently started training as a family. So this one just got me thinking about doing a fun running day for parents and kids. I can imagine mommies and daddies with their kids of all ages. It sounds fun in my head but it could end up being a total disaster! That’s the beauty of it. We will never know unless we try.

Join a running group

This one scares the bejeezus out of me. I’m working up the nerve by slowly going to social events alone. Nothing has been a running social event yet but I’m working up to it. More reason for me to start my own since I really feel so out of place and awkward. I know, I need to get over myself and out of my head but damn this anxiety won’t quit sometimes!

Get fitted for proper running shoes

So my favorite shoes are the Brooks Ghost series. I love these shoes because they were available in a wide width and in store, which allowed me to try them on. I’ve never actually gone in to a running store and do their treadmill test where they can tell me what shoe is best for me. I plan on doing this soon and hoping I picked out the right shoe all along. It’s gonna suck if I didn’t!

Participate in a run streak

I see so many people who are on day 1,277 of their run streak and I am in shock and awe about it. I would love to do at minimum a 30 day streak. I’m scared of injury though so I would need to see how everyone else does these. I do love me a good challenge though.

There you have it. Just a few running related goals I hope to achieve one day. Now it’s your turn to tell me what running and non running goals you hope to achieve in your lifetime.


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